Teambuilding for corporate and non corporate groups

Custom events created to bring together individuals in corporate and non corporate groups in a number of creative ways

Virtual team building events are now available!

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Taste Cleveland Food Tours, in cooperation with sister company 4Lobe Events Cleveland, has the capabilities to create, execute, and manage your team building events to the highest standards of excellence.

building events with your goals in mind

Our event managers will work with you to turn your goals and your needs into an exciting and fun event for your group. We either can modify one of our group events, or develop a new event altogether.

build a new or modify an existing event

All of our tours and events can either be modified into a team building event (i.e. dine around, pub crawl, market tour) or are created specifically as a team building event (i.e. culinary challenge, cooking class, culinary scavenger hunt)

Virtual Team Building

Due to the covid 19 pandemic, we now offer groups of all sizes interested in virtual team building events. We are continuing to develop offerings, but currently choose from cooking classes, virtual happy hours, ‘iron chef’ and ‘chopped’ inspired culinary challenges, cocktail creation, cake creation and more.

In addition, we are happy to customize other team building events, and can help you put together a creation based on the needs of your group. Both small and large groups can partake in our virtual team building.

understanding team building with taste Cleveland food tours

Our goal is to provide tours and events that forge bonds between individuals in your group, whether it is corporate, or non corporate, by providing situations where individuals must function together as a team to win.

Our team building activities and events have a competitive component that can be adjusted to suit the needs of your team

When developing events and team building activities for your group, our event team uses specific factors such as time, budget, and group size, and combine them with any theme or focus of interest

Our event staff provides detailed proposals that offer an idea of our capabilities, past successful events with similar groups, and greater explanations for any unique events

Email or call us to learn more or request a proposal.

Please call us at 216.395.0132, or email us at to learn more and book a team building event for your group.

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