Cleveland and north east ohio cooking classes

In collaboration with sister company 4Lobe Events, we offer a number of cooking courses for small and medium sized groups.

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Our cooking classes are created utilizing our mobile kitchen design, we have the ability to put together events anywhere from the office, to a wedding party, to many of our partners throughout Cleveland.

We can also scale to accommodate many groups up to 200 people. Groups beyond 200 require at least a 2 week notice for scaling.

Our cooking classes have optional beverage (alcoholic and non alcoholic) packages available.

Our cooking classes are broken down into several categories:

for fun

This is a great way for friends, colleagues, or family to get together and take a simple, enjoyable cooking class. Groups will collaborate to make several dishes while taking in a beverage or two.

cooking 101

Learn the basics of cooking with one of our highly trained chefs. Learn how simple elements can be combined and incorporated to create a delicious and aesthetically pleasing meal.


The group is split into smaller teams, working together to create a dish or several dishes to enjoy as a meal.

Teams have the opportunity to win useful items (or take something away from another group) during periodic challenges throughout the event.

cultural exploration

Our chef instructors provide a look into the food and drink of a particular culture, teaching not only techniques, but also flavor profiles, historical background, and more.


The gloves come off as groups are taught specific technical skills in the kitchen, such as proper fish filleting, sushi making, pasta making, plating, and much more.

The event is truly hands on, and is used to build upon knowledge they already have. Many of the technical events provide an aspect of teambuilding as well.

Types of cooking classes:

  • team building

  • single dish

  • full meal

  • dessert

Our team members are chefs and instructors of all walks in the restaurant industry and beyond. We can combine some of the themes based on your need.

event planning and destination management

The cooking class does not have to be the your only event during the day with Taste Cleveland Food Tours.

Our acclaimed creative and event planning staff can set up transportation, accommodation, logistics, additional meals, activities, and more. Please ask us about our itineraries. Feel free to call us or email us 7 days a week for more information.

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